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I am a Witchy Woman..

and I have found a great shop for our furniture needs. I came across the Witchy Woman Designs sim by chance yesterday and I am in awe of Beverly’s creations and the way she has set up her merchandise. I met her for a few minutes and she was quite friendly and nice.

I found her sim while looking for hunts and I enjoyed the hunt I did at hers. It was easy plus nice prizes :D. So join her group – it’s so worth it . The furniture pieces are spread all over the sim and you get to enjoy and try out her creations too at the same time.

I have been meaning to get this post done for a while but I was adamant that I will include a video with this. So it took nearly a month to complete it..lol. Excuse the poor quality of the video.. Dunno why it turned out like that!

But of course the video doesn’t do enough justice to the goodies themselves. See for yourselves guys. Your flight is here. Copy and paste it. http://places.inworldz.com/Witchy%20Woman%20Designs/188/91/27

See ya soon guys.. And muchie thanks to OHO for helping me figure it out 😀



Comments on: "I am a Witchy Woman.." (4)

  1. Good for you! I have never managed to make a video in virtual worlds. You are clever =)

  2. That's great Kate, lovely video. I'd been to Witchy Woman a long time ago but looks like they have a new place and some neat new things to go find. I love that gazebo! I'm with Mera, I've never managed to make a video in virtual worlds either… Is it hard?

  3. @ Mera – Not clever just stubborn .. as a mule.. hit the oppostion again and again till either I break or the opposition does :D..lol.. But I am lazy winks..@Boudica – Hello Boudica :D… Welcome to my bloggie.. and thanks.. The quality got compressed :(.. Nope not hard at all.. Just install Camstudio and record!.. Anyway OHO is better at it.. *points to the guilty party*

  4. […] I’ve been wanting to learn how to do a video for awhile now and when I came across a post by Kate Fiorell and asked how she did the video, she turned me on to CamStudio.  Thanks […]

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