A metaverse wanderer!

So I am back now to IW!

I went missing from IW for so many months but now I am back to my shoppe and friends. I hope to be back on full power soon as soon as my lappie starts working properly. Meantime, I am will be posting pictures!


The Skin You Are In is having a hunt till November 2.Grab them all.. The hunt items are pumpkins and the gifts are all make up items. First place where I have seen a dimple tattoo..lol.

Including pictures of all the gifts.



Randomly you get eyes,blush,eye shadows, lip gloss, goatee and mustache. The skin used on the female model is the gift found on the Freebie Vendor at the shoppe.

Thank you Pixel Pretty

Kate Smile

Lol… I have been to 2 parties in 2 nights after so many years of being party-less!

First is the one at Rat Pack Headquarters. That’s me in my sexy witch costume doing a zombie dance! I had a wowsome day with Freya and Bo, Bobbi and Marine! Thank you guys! Jake came in late Sad smile 

Zombie dance

The next one was at Club One ( waves to Ava.. I see u in the stars ) .. I reconnected with Jillian, Hondo, Trace, Dazz, Gale, Chah and Logan and met few new mitr-s too! One of them is the beast in the picture. Hence the Beauty ( me! ) and the Beast Theme.. lol

Beauty and the Beast

Thank you guys. It’s been a while since I had a fun party.


Ms. Squishie!


My January 2013 Look



This is the same as my present profile picture. I just changed it!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!


Fayre goodness

I am just posting the pictures of the goodies I got in the mini hunt at Chez Fayre shoppe


All the clothes are from Chez Fayre and jewelry is of course from me Open-mouthed smile. The first 4 pictures features Redgrave skin Zuri Cacao while the last two shows Europa’ Helioscope skin. The first two pictures show the hair Katie by Matahari hair salon ( Tanya opened a new hair salon ) while the last 4 features My Pretty Pixels hair.


I am bad at citing the various stuff..lolol


Mini Hunt @ Chez Fayre

As soon as I logged in after work today I got a notice saying Chez Fayre is hosting a mini hunt at their 2 main shoppes. One is for medieval garb and the other is for victorian furniture I believe. In short all victorian and medieval lovers will adore this shoppe. A direct quote from the notecard sent by Fayre Scribe.

Chez Fayre Grand Opening Mini Hunt will take place on Friday, November 23 until Sunday Night 8pm IW time.

There are 15 gifts hidden throughout the two stores.
8 are hidden in the furniture store.
7 are hidden in the clothing store.

In the clothing store, run your curser over the gift and it will let you know if it’s for a male or female. 4 are for the ladies and 3 are for the guys.

I decided the furniture store needed hints…so many places little boxes can hide.

And in addition she is a RL writer. So I am gonna look up her books too.

A picture of her shoppe front view and another of me looking at the Boho skirts ( both long and short skirts are available! )



I have yet to open my hunt boxes. So will post them later.

Dancing the night away!

I was at Club1, the counterpart to Morning Coffee dancing away the IW night.. sighs.. I was supposed to be studying Othello..lol.


Anyway this is my second video and the blurring seems to have reduced. I added few tiny edits using the Movie Maker .. grins.. Now if I can figure out how to add sound and to make it sharper..